DPS case

It is nice to have a good CV/CC supply in the lab, especially if you want to power-up your prototype for the first time. Unfortunately those supplies are normally big and heavy and you don’t want to carry 9+ kilos from the lab to the living room in order to do some work on the couch.

A while ago I ordered a DPS3005 module to have a useable CV/CC “supply for the kitchen table”. The module itself provides no outstanding performance but is good enough for most scenarios.

In order to add input and output terminals to the module, I designed a small 3D printable case.

Happy printing!

Additional parts

  • DPSxxxx size module
  • 4x M3 Nut
  • 4x M3 Screw Length: 30-50mm
  • Input Terminals (Safety or Double 4mm Jacks) and DC-Jack
  • Output Terminals (Safety or Double 4mm Jacks)
  • Cable to connect the Terminals to the module (maybe soldering equipment and heat shrink)

Example for the safety or isolated terminals: Isolated Terminals

Example for the double screw terminal and the DC-Jack Screw terminals

Modules which (should) fit

  • DPS3003
  • DPS3005 (tested)
  • DPS5005
  • Electronic Load XY-FZ25 (tested)
  • …maybe others as well