The Odroid H2 and the Odroid H2+ are some of the few single board computers which offer PC like interfaces including 2x SATA, an NVMe slot, 2x 2.5 GBit ethernet (1 GBit for the H2) as well as dual RAM sockets. Besides the interfaces the board is equipped with a powerful, yet energy efficient x86 processor and includes an on board power supply.

In my opinion, the board is the perfect fit for an open source NAS system build. Unfortunately the case which is offered by the manufacturer didn’t meet my requirements.

I therefore built myself a compact and stable case which has the features I want. Maybe it still needs some spit and polish but the result is quite useful for me and maybe for you as well.

Before you start printing, be sure you want to have this case. It will take you a while to get hold of the parts and you will require some grams of filament ;-)



Assembly Instructions

General rules:

  • Use M3 12mm screws if not noted otherwise
  • Insert M3 nuts into hexagonal holes
  • Insert M3 nuts in the corresponding slots


You should start by mounting the fan to its mounting plate using the fan screws.

Case Case

Depending on you choice of the bottom plate its a good idea too add the door to it.

After installing the nuts on the bottom, you can screw the fan and the back panel to the bottom plate. And add the feet (use M3 16mm for the feet).

Its time to screw down the Mainboard…

…and add the HDD rails…

…as well as the mount for the pushbutton (use M3 16mm for this).

I used some superglue to keep the push button in place. Don’t forget the current limiting resistor for the LED (@3V3).

Its time to install the remaining hardware. I connected the fan controller board to one of the SATA supply cables…

…and did some cable management. The BIOS battery can be glued to the side of the HDD rail.

Add the button inlay to the front cover.

The top and side covers can be mounted next. It is important to have the side panel with the vents on the right of the case. Do not screw down the side panels on the front. They will be fixed using the front cover.

The front cover is fixed using four M3 16mm screws. You need a screwdriver with a thin shaft in order to be able to screw it down trough the vent slots on the sides.

Done. Files ODROID_H2_NAS_CASE_REV1-0Download Creative Commons License